ANZSNM 50th Annual Scientific Meeting - Virtual Meeting

The Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine invites you to its Virtual 50th Annual Scientific Meeting


As announced by our President Ros Francis, the Society has moved to an on-demand program. We invite you, including our overseas supporters, to join us and to this end we are excited to announce that the 50th Annual Scientific Meeting On-Demand program has been released and registrations are now open (see registration link below and HERE).

Delivered virtually, the program will provide attendees with the chance to access the sessions, scientific abstracts and papers from your chosen device and at the time that best suits you.

The 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting consists of eight themed sessions or pre-recorded content (listed in purple text in the digital on-demand program below). Each session commences with a live meeting hosted on Zoom (listed in black text in the digital on-demand program below). The live meetings consists of the AGM, the award sessions, the Pioneer and Lowenthal Lectures, ARTnet update and the Gala event and award presentation.

The pre-recorded content for the session will then be available for two weeks from the end of the live meeting. Each live meeting will be recorded and also made available for later viewing for those who cannot attend live.

During the two-week period, discussion or panel events will likely be held for each session, in various formats. Submitted posters will also be released onto the website at intervals in the eight sessions.

We have a fantastic line-up of experts from Australia, New Zealand and around the world presenting on a wide range of topics. We have made the best efforts with speakers and topics and assumptions around availability to answer questions and while there will be opportunity for moderated discussion, in some circumtances, time zones and circumstances relating to COVID-19 may intervene.

We would like to thank you all for your patience and look forward to seeing and interacting with all of you when we go live on 28th May!

The on-demand programme will feature eight sessions with a total CPD value of approximately 30 hours:

Session 1: Cultural Proficiency Worksho
(Speaker: Dr Geoff Currie)

Session 2: Diversity Workshop
(Speaker: Dr K Elizabeth Hawk); Pioneer Lecture (Speaker: Prof Christopher Rowe)

Session 3: Prostate
(Speakers: Prof Wim Oyen, Dr Michael Holmes, A/Prof Louise Emmett, Prof Michael Hofman); Lowenthal Lecture (Speaker: Dr Kathy Willowson)

Session 4: Cardiology
(Speaker: Dr David Gilmore, Mark Crosthwaite, Prof Hosen Kiat)

Session 5: Radiochemistry
(Speaker: Dr Brian Zeglis, Dr Lidia Matesic)

Session 6: Emerging PET Tracers
(Speakers: Prof Vijay Kumar, Prof Michael Hofman, Dr Giancarlo Pascali, Dr Brian Zeglis)

Session 7: Therapy
(Speakers: Prof Lionel Zuckier, Prof Eric Rohren, Prof John Buscombe, Dr Sean Yan, Prof Dale Bailey)

Session 8: Artificial Intelligence
(Speakers: Dr Geoff Currie, Dr K Elizabeth Hawke, Prof Lionel Zuckier, Prof Ran Klein, Prof Eric Rohren)

PRICING (Inclusive of GST in Australia):

ANZSNM & AANMS MEMBERS - Earlybird (before 28 May), $275.00

ANZSNM & AANMS MEMBERS - after 28 May, $295.00

NON MEMBERS - $350.00



*To qualify, students must be ANZSNM members and currently a Nuclear Medicine undergraduate or post graduate in first year of employment, Nuclear Medicine Registrar Physician Trainee OR, Physics or RPS trainee (enrolled in ACPSEM TEAP Program) and does not include full-time workers studying part-time..


The program may be subject to change. More information will be available in the coming days. A copy of the program may be downloaded by clicking on the downward arrow on the top left of the digital program below.

On-Demand Program: